Buying a Used Phone Tips and Check Out

The use of smartphones has seen a steady and rapid increase in time and space. An equally crazy number of manufacturers and smartphone models that match the pace. Sometimes, investing in a good smartphone can be a risky proposition UAE Phone Number List as these devices are quite expensive. In this case, there is always a good option – choose a good used or refurbished phone. But many people don’t know what to check and buy an old phone instead? If the phone is in good physical condition, has the features you want, and has minimal wear and tear like scratches and dents – then why not? But the only criterion for physical condition to look for in second-hand mobile phones? no! There are many other checks that a person must perform before putting up to using the phone.

Check the Prices of Used Mobile Phones

First, check the price from the seller. Are you sure the price quoted is worth it? Remember, the price of using an Android phone has dropped dramatically. For a good quote, look up a similar model online for deals and local dealers. Bargain and offer at least 15-20% less than others. Do not compare the price of using this phone to the actual price mentioned in the invoice. If the phone is over a year old it should cost you half the original price regardless of good physical condition. Ask for the original supplier invoice and check that the IMEI mentioned device screen shows a match. Make sure the seller’s name and the name on the invoice are the same. The invoice will also provide warranty details for the device. So, don’t forget to ask for the original invoice!

Check if You Bought a Stolen Phone

UAE Phone Number List
UAE Phone Number List

No one is going to want to buy a stolen phone. But how do you make sure the phone you sell isn’t stolen? Well, look at the IMEI of the phone. Type *#06# to the IMEI number displayed on the screen by the dialer. Now, check if the IMEI is blacklisted or clean. You can check the status using any IMEI online database like Find the IMEI number, check for a stolen phone, and buy a used device. Find the IMEI number, check for a stolen phone, and buy a used device. Note that even if the IMEI status is clean there is no guarantee that the device will not be stolen. Unless the IMEI reported for theft is not blocked or blacklisted. Even with theft reports, the database needs time to update and reflect the changes.

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