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TrainMore is the largest. With a special concept: every time you exercise, you get one euro back. Clubsportive is a premium gym. High Studios is a boutique formula where you combine cardio and strength training in 45 minutes with small classes. During the lockdown, Urban Gym Group has switched to a multichannel concept with audio workouts, video lessons and outdoor classes.

Customer experience is most important

Fortunately, the studios and gyms are now open again. Who is the CMO/CIO of TrainMore/Urban Gym Group? Barbara den Bak is a fitness Ecuador WhatsApp Number List entrepreneur avant la lettre . She started out in advertising, but quickly moved into the fitness world. She started The Bootcamp Club, with outdoor sports classes as the first. The company grew to 200 locations and she sold it after 5 years.

We talk to Barbara about

After The Bootcamp Club, Barbara traveled to the United States for inspiration. Back in the Netherlands, full of fresh ideas, she launched High Studios. She sold this company to the Urban Gym Group, where she now leads Marketing and Innovation. We talk to Barbara about product-market-fit in fitness, community building, agile teams and of course the impact of Covid-19.

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