Broken internal links, 404 errors

Solving the problems can take much more time than analyzing the website itself. And that means that there is sometimes a lot of work. To be done before one even gets to ‘optimize’ the content. The next step A logical follow-up to the analysis could be keyword mapping. This allows you to map all topics (keywords) per page. You will then get a clear overview of the pages, linked to keywords.

Many websites are already linked

This kind of mapping can only be done manually, and is therefore sometimes boring. But it helps you to find out even better for which keywords the Uruguay Phone Number List site is already found, which anchor texts you can use, but also whether content pruning is needed. It is therefore possible that people had started blogging diligently, but that the blogs actually had no value for Google because no clear keywords were used.

That is why it is wise to set up Google

And then you automatically end up with your keyword research, where you can also look further at the competitors. Online marketing agencies that immediately start with the content part, and thereby ignore an SEO analysis, have a good chance of not achieving the desired results. This article has been checked by the SEO panel . Do you want to rank higher in Google?

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