British marketing consultant Gray Matter

You learn to make decisions and improve your marketing based on measuring and providing insight into behavior (target group data, relationship data and event data). Curious? View the training Would you rather listen than read to learn? In this article, we collect 17 inspiring and diverse podcasts with the help of the Frankwatching community.

The Psychology of Success Podcast

Marketing, social media and tech, but also entrepreneurship, HR and personal growth are discussed. Turn on an episode while cooking, cleaning, taking a refreshing walk or a long car ride. Do you have a listening tip yourself? Please share UAE Phone Number List it in the comments below this article. 1. Social Stories Do you target young people with your product or service?

More and more fun

In Social Stories, host Patricia van Liemt talks with various experts about how Millennials and Gen Z use social media platforms such as Snapchat for news consumption and shopping, among other things. 2. I know your password Perhaps the title of this brand new podcast sounds familiar to you from the book of the same name by tech journalist Daniël Verlaan.

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