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Back to basic met SMART We often come across it: we are going to do a Christmas promotion! Products are sold at a discount and the advertiser will use budget to promote these products. At the beginning of January it is time to evaluate: how did the campaign go? Was it a success? This is often not clear because the objective has not been properly thought out. While this is very important.

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A good SMART objective determines whether your campaigns have been a success or not. Also for the holidays: make what you want to achieve concrete, check whether it is acceptable and realistic and attach a timeline to it. That will help you Bahrain Phone Number List determine whether you have run a successful campaign or not. And that’s great, because then you, your colleagues or your managers can see whether it was a successful campaign or not.

the success of the campaign?

Examples of Holiday SMART Goals Increase sales of the Christmas collection by 50% in December 2021 compared to last year. Achieve 4,000 product sales from the Christmas collection during Black Friday with an 800% ROAS in Google Ads. Drive 1,000,000 visitors to the sales page in the webshop in December 2021, with Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaigns.

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