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In the world of digital marketing, variety is a must. Here are some of my personal favorite black influencers in the beauty and fashion categories. Growing up, my mom Now I wake up with soft and healthy skin!  Nikki, Meghan, Shay, Brandi are the quartet of forces behind Influence Color. Based in Houston, this group showcases black beauty, friendship, travel, and fashion. They have a cohesive brand and are really happy to follow. They’ve worked with Nordstrom in the past and even had a limited collection of WAYF clothing. Tomi Abebe is a past guest on Traackr’s.  Between her quarantine hair journey to affordable clothing recommendations and her hilarious TikTok videos, Tommy brings a lot of value to the internet.

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Kehinde, a digital creator from Nigeria who lives in Chicago, jokingly describes herself as “your melanin godmother.” Her style is luxurious, and she has a distinct affinity for neutral-toned clothing and beauty products. If you Singapore Phone Number List want to work with influencers with gorgeous, publishable content, Kehinde is the place for you. Today is the day! Launch day! Our influence in Color X @wayfclothing Edit is live on @nordstrom 8 pieces and we choose our style! We hope you like it! Tag us in your photos with.

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It was a dream. I like properties with character and this partnership is a perfect fit. The different suites are very charming and offer a fantastic Parisian experience.  This experience has me dreaming of living in Paris with Zuli for a month or two next year. Maybe the view of the Eiffel Tower from my suite (a four-minute walk from the hotel, by the way) has something to do with it. Have you been to Paris? Y believe these two companies are just getting started and it will be a great influencer career.

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