Best Option for Zooming for Video Conferences and Other

Video conference tools help keep in touch with family, relatives, colleagues, and colleagues. As people around the world and practicing at a social distance from each other. There are many tools. Among them, Zoom first. But recently, many security and privacy issues in Zoom.

So I Thought About Proposing an Alternative Tool for Zooming.

Meanwhile, there are many video conferencing tools that have announced offers and extended free features during this period. Popular tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and FaceTime in this blog as they are commonly most people to make one-on-one video calls.

Skype is a well-known video calling app that with great success in 2003. It supports both very clear audio and HD video calls and is highly on all types of electronics, including Alexa. Like all video conferencing apps, there are smart messaging and screen sharing options that are very useful for business professionals. Some of the value added features are the ability to record video Hangouts and share them with colleagues. You can also chat privately with your friends to have a confidential conversation. Philippines Photo Editor

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Web Ex Has Been on The Market Since the 90’s and Was Acquired

by Cisco in 2007. This app is mainly promoted for business meetings. A free version of the app is also available, allowing you to have a 40-minute meeting with 50 participants. Recently, with this increase in lockdown and remote work, they have expanded the free version to 100 participants with no time limit. It also has built-in 1GB of cloud storage for storing recorded conference calls. In addition, Cisco works closely with its partners to offer 90-day free licenses to companies that are not yet WebEx customers in their current environment.

UberConference is another user-based video conferencing app that allows you to mute noisy callers or add new people in the middle of a meeting. The most important and noteworthy feature is voice intelligence. Listen to the meetings held, post them as action points, and assign them as automated tasks. Another crazy feature added is that you can listen to your favorite songs within the app itself while waiting for other users. No PIN is required and you can dial people in more than 50 countries. To alleviate the confusion caused by COVID-19, UberConference Free now allows longer talk times and up to 50 participants.

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