Benefits of outsourcing:

Email marketing as an engine for your turnover You may think that e-mail has become outdated and that you can better turn to other media for your marketing goals, but nothing could be further from the truth. Email is still a great way to get customers excited about your products. Before you can get started, you need an email software package that is compatible with your online store software.

High insurance costs to cover inventory risk

Then you choose whether you want to send HTML e-mails complete with colors and logo or rather plain text. I like to choose the latter and it is very suitable for small businesses. Your communication to the customer comes across as much more Dominican Republic Phone Number List personal this way. Next, you need to build an email list in accordance with GDPR. Tip: you can more easily entice visitors to sign up for your newsletter if they get something for it. If you are then ready to actually send e-mails, you want to do this as specifically as possible.

Disadvantages of doing it yourself:

Make sure each of your websites has a landing page that sends your visitors straight to the page they are looking for. For example, I have a site that you can easily join. After that, an automatic e-mail flow is started where members are welcomed and the days or weeks after that they receive a very dosed e-mail from me. Over time, the specific e-mail stream will transfer to my main newsletter and I should have more than aroused the customer’s interest by then.

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