Being distinctive gives a brand

Do they match the character of the brand? So it’s not so much about the promises you make with your brand, but more about the expectations you create. If those are consistent, you’re already well on your way with your credibility. Of course you have to be able to live up to the expectations. So first and foremost be authentic. Visible “We want to post on LinkedIn four times a week.

Strategic Positioning

Nice aim, but the wrong premise. Visibility is good for you, but not so good for your audience. At least, if visibility is your starting point. And let’s be honest: quite a bit of this kind of hygiene content is sent out into the world every day. How much effort India Consumer Phone List is actually put into making every moment a remarkable moment for the public? Content with a hygiene factor that is too great, so less of that.

You look for distinctiveness

Nice for tapping your weekly targets, less nice for the average timeline scroller, who is fired at an ever-growing pile of noise every day. Although the number of marketing and media messages per day is still growing, our attention is not growing with it. Noise is really merciless. What we call marketing communication is in reality simply too often clutter and confusion . And it’s everywhere: o

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