Beautiful design is important

Godfather of product design, described in the first half of the last century that consumers struggle with two opposing forces. Neophilia , or curiosity about new things, and neophobia , or fear of new things. That is why consumers tend to look for products that are challenging, but nevertheless immediately comprehensible. That’s why new car models (except for prototypes) always look more or less like… well.

but it becomes worthless

A car! There is so much more possible in terms of car design, but you will never see the extremes at the car dealership. Extremes would alienate the masses from the product. To sell something surprising you have to make it recognizable, and to sell something recognizable you have to Switzerland Business Fax List make it surprising, Loewy said in an extensive article about the designer in The Atlantic. This wisdom was unknown to Spotify when the company started developing a music recommendation algorithm over a decade ago.

when it is not practical

The idea was that Discover Weekly would become a personalized list of thirty songs that would appear on the screens of millions of users. Spotify on phone. In the original version of Discover Weekly, it was about songs that the user had never listened to. If you’ve paid close attention to previous paragraphs of this article, you can no doubt guess what the result was: Playlist interaction wasn’t as high as it could have been if the list also included songs that the listener already knew .

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