Be inspiring

And oh yes, that is now also the childcare, school and place to relax. Give yourself and your team some structure. Align this structure together: start later? Meeting-free mornings? A daily stand-up or weekly check-in? What works for you. Also think together about the tools and communication channels you use and what which tool is used for. Is Slack for extensive work consultations or only for short questions and therefore a replacement for ‘walking past someone’s desk’?

Be obsessed with your people

Is Zoom only for meetings or also suitable as a replacement for ‘spontaneous chatter at the coffee machine’? A danger of working from home is that everyone is working on their own island. A sense of direction is essential for engagement: does your team have a clear common goal Kenya WhatsApp Number List to work towards? 2. Not ‘How are you?’, but ‘How are you feeling?’ Leadership is relational, so make time to maintain relationships with your team and encourage employees to do the same among themselves.

3. Be real

Schedule one-on-one conversations, but also call people spontaneously to prevent the bila’s only being about work. It is especially important in these uncertain times to ask colleagues about their well-being. Don’t ask how things are going, ask how someone is feeling. Don’t settle for an answer like “good.” There is no such thing as just good: you feel happy, worried, anxious or motivated. These conversations can be uncomfortable, but it’s important to connect with your team on a personal level.

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