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You will find this reflex less often at hands-on agencies. 2. Conceptual Sometimes you’re so focused on what’s ahead that you lose sight of the big picture. A conceptual agency breaks you out of this tunnel vision. As a result, the focus shifts to a perspective in the future instead of focusing on what lies ahead. A conceptual agency specializes in the long term. In doing so, they take on the role of challenger : they scrutinize your digital efforts and broad professional environment.

The predominant function

They support you with questions such as: Which KPIs show that digital marketing and sales efforts are moving in the right direction? Which strategic Canada Consumer Phone List pillars offer answers to the challenges of your company? Which profiles do you need to hire internally for the strategy to work? When do you choose a conceptual agency? Do you need independent advice about your current marketing approach?

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Then you count on this type. Your company must have already taken steps in digital maturity. A conceptual agency rarely sells a follow-up project. As a result, their advice is often purely strategic. So you have to do it yourself. When should you consider a different type of agency? Do you want to speed up? Or receive a ready-made answer within a week? Then you will find it less quickly at this type of agency.

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