Avoid distraction by making pacts

But for those who share their home with others, Nir has a good tip: the concentration crown . Find a funny hat, cap or other headgear and explain to your relatives or roommates that if you are wearing them, you should not be disturbed. Seems to work with small children too! If you are distracted by notifications on your phone, but you really can’t put the device down in another room, take a moment to turn off notifications from certain apps. Or use technology to block technology:

Hack the External Triggers

Forest app and SelfControl, for example. 4. Avoid distraction by making pacts This is your last resort: avoid distraction by making pacts. Nir recommends the website FocusMate.com, where you can find a kind of study buddy to work with. Of course you don’t really work together on Uganda WhatsApp Number List a project, but you work together in the sense that you are both focused on the work. When we were stuck at home in March because of corona, I spent whole days with people from my coworking space in the Houseparty app.

You plan your time and not the output

We all needed the watchful eye of ‘another’ to be able to work more focused. I have also made a pact with myself: I work with the Pomodoro technique. That means you work in cycles of 25-5 minutes. Before you turn on the timer (and possibly put on your concentration crown), think about what you are going to do so that you can get to work with intention. Something for you? I can recommend the browser extension Marinara . Alison Hadden:

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