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Wanna Kicks sneakers passen 5. Nike goes one step further Nike has added an augmented reality feature to its application to. Ensure that you order and wear the correct size shoes. Using your smartphone camera, you make a scan of your feet. Mapping the dimensions of each foot using a 13-point measurement system. The size predictions are programmed by artificial intelligence. Which means that the more people use it, the more accurate it will become. Nike hopes the tool will reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.

Augmented reality (AR) shows computer

6. IKEA lets you try out furniture in your living room Ikea’s augmented reality shopping app is one of the best known and most popular in the retail market. The search for new furniture is not as easy as it seems, because do they fit in your home? Is the Billy not too long and what about the color? Using the IKEA The Bahamas B2B List Place app, you can see how this furniture fits into the living space and compares to other furniture. augmented reality van Ikea You can see at a glance which colors clash and whether the desired furniture is not too large.

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This allows you to visualize your living room before making major purchases. The idea is that by visualizing with Augmented Reality (AR), the consumer can better assess whether or not a piece of furniture fits into his interior. This app contributes to decision making and will reduce the number of returns. Consider AR This technological development already had a lot of impact, but has accelerated due to the corona virus. If you offer good content, it is easier to convince the consumer and increase the conversion.

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