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No Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn stories, but Web Stories! If it is up to Google, we will soon see this new way of sharing content in the search engine. The first number 1 positions for this story form have already been spotted. What exactly are Google Web Stories, how do you create them and how do you combine Web Stories and SEO, so that your stories also appear at the top?

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As an SEO and content specialist I am always looking for new Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists ways to sell qualitative information (via Google). Web Stories is such a new form of content that makes me very happy. It is up-to-date, fast, indexes well, to the point and above all: very easy to make! What exactly are Web Stories? Web Stories are a slideshow in the form of tapable content, which we now only know from social media.

Structured data (optional).

They are individual photos, videos and/or texts that together form a story on a web page. Tapping on a story takes you to the next slide. Unlike stories on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, these stories don’t disappear over time. In fact, informative stories have the potential to reach the top of Google and thus attract a lot of traffic in the long run.

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