As you can see in Google Trends

The winner received up to €500 worth of Christmas items withdrawn. And what did IKEA itself get? A huge reach! Promotions & discounts in your ads Do you work with promotions and discounts during the holidays? Show this in your Search and Shopping ads. According to the NRF , a third of shoppers say they made all their holiday purchases as a result of promotions.

Hookers for your content calendar

For the Search ads, use the promotion extension in Google Ads, in which you indicate: What the promotion is, such as an x ​​amount or a percentage. On which you give Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List a discount, i.e. the product or service. Until the promotion is valid. And possibly other promotional details, such as a discount code. Example of a dynamic Google Ad counting down to the holidays.

Objectives & budgets

You can also include the ad customizer countdown in your ad texts. This automates the countdown to a specific moment to indicate urgency. When you press ‘{‘ when creating an ad text, the option will automatically appear. Example of a Google Ad. Also, don’t forget to get your Shopping ads ready for the holidays. Here too you have plenty of options to process your promotions.

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