As of May 25, 2018

Have you arranged all cookies and tracking cookies on your website in accordance with the GDPR? Do you want to continue to use marketing and tracking cookies? In this complete online cookie manual (step-by-step plan) you will learn in 7 steps how the cookies on your website comply with the current AVG and the upcoming ePrivacy regulations. We also tell you why cookie walls & cookie pop-ups are no longer allowed To knowledge base .

Bridging the gap between analytics

Would you like to work with online influencers to reach your target audience? Not quite sure where to start? Or: have you done a campaign before and would you like to professionalise? Good news! Then the influencer marketing guide is really something Marketing Directors Email Lists for you. A very strong step-by-step plan for the novice and the experienced influencer marketer. For those who are collaborating with influencers for the first time, or those who are already doing so. Make your marketing strategy a success.

This white paper discusses

What are you going to learn? Theory on how to set up a strong influencer marketing strategy Trends and future of influencer marketing All ways to run a campaign From concepting to measuring results in 16 steps To knowledge base 0 Intelligently collecting, analyzing and interpreting customer data gives data-driven organizations and their customers unprecedented possibilities. How to properly collect large amounts of data and how. To effectively process this data into insights and actions.

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