Are you ready for May 25th?

Reaching out to the phone book and trying just a few numbers is no longer of this time. The online capabilities have changed the cold calling world. In many cases, a lot of information about the prospect can already be found. How do you ensure that there is already some interest in your company or service? How do you ensure that your acquisition already has a greater chance of success?

The power of the event: stimulate the senses!

Whitepaper marketing delivers valuable leads, more appointments, new customers and ultimately higher sales. In this white paper you will find answers to, among other things: How do you write a good white paper? What are the steps when the white Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists paper is ready? How do you process the valuable leads? and what are your follow-up actions? To knowledge base The impact of the new privacy legislation will be significant.

Many marketers

Every organization that processes personal data within the EU has to deal with the law. What are the possibilities? How can you use GDPR as the basis of your digital transformation? Many marketers are strongly focused on online. And blame them. Online marketing is a fast and effective means of reaching your target group en masse. But what about the offline channels?

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