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Do you think it’s all so serious these days? And do you want to know how to change that? In behavioral communication, it is important that you convey your message not only simply, but above all in an attractive way. With the right graphic design, you can give your target audience just the extra push they need to consider the intended behavioral change.

Shorten videos, add a logo,

His five tips for graphic design are guaranteed to make you happy. Bananas 9. The Amazing Netflix Culture. Success Explained How did Netflix manage to become the global market leader in just a Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists few years? At the end of 2019, Netflix had a whopping 167 million paid subscribers, generating a staggering $5.5 billion in revenue. What can we learn from this? And what does their company culture have to do with this? At Netflix, even the secretary gives feedback to the CEO.

A pro tip from Pelpina:

That is what is expected of her. Netflix 10. This is how you prevent home workers from polluting your Google Analytics data Working from home presents a challenge for marketers working with analytics. You must of course keep the data of these employees out of your Google Analytics data to prevent pollution. Fortunately, there are some handy tricks for this, which are shared in this article. Google AnalyticsAre you curious about the most popular articles from other months?

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