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Since 2014, there has been a marked increase in sites switching from HTTP to HTTPS in Google search results. Why such Austria Phone Number List growth? Quite simply because the HTTPS format is a more secure process and Google announced, this same year 2014, that it was a factor now taken into account in its ranking algorithm. With the aim of achieving a 100% secure web, the American firm decided to Austria Phone Number List further accelerate the process of migrating to HTTPS at the end of 2016: Googlers communicate more regularly on the subject by highlighting the positive impact on SEO and, above all, a major Chrome update should report HTTP sites as “unsecured” from January 2017.

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A subject on which it is therefore. Important to be on point if you want to optimize. Your visibility on the search engine and reassure its users. Unsecured site on google chrome as computer language. Do not speak to Austria Phone Number List everyone. You will find in this article all the information necessary. For a  good understanding of this protocol. And the answer to the questions that you are probably. Already asking yourself what are the advantages. For the seo of your site? And above all, how to make this change? HTTP & HTTPS, what are we talking about?

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The HTTP system makes it possible to receive and send data over the Internet: to put it simply, it is essential for the use Austria Phone Number List of devices – such as computers or mobiles –what is the difference with the HTTP protocol? Otherwise called Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, the HTTPS process will transmit the data in an encrypted manner, in order to secure the user’s navigation and protect his data. Some sites, for example, use the HTTPS system only on their pages containing private information, such as Austria Phone Number List contact details or passwords. HTTPS-secure HTTPS sites are recognizable by their green padlock next to the URL When you send a classic HTTP request to request a page,

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