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Still, the ECB indicat that much faster action needs to be taken on stablecoins. Because people fear the major impact of cryptocurrencies Netherlands Phone Number on the regular financial system. 2. Making money dancing, playing sports and walking Instead of buying cryptocurrencies, you can also ‘mine’ them. This is validating transactions on the Netherlands Phone Number blockchain. But instead of using regular power for the computer to mine, the most special other models have been develop to generate energy, for example. For Netherlands Phone Number example, there are: people who try to do this with pen and paper.

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Companies that make it possible to mine Bitcoins by sweating enough, and the Dutch startup Institute of Human Obsolescence does this Netherlands Phone Number with excess body heat. Indeed, get rich while sleeping. But now countless other models have been develop ‘ to earn ‘. The best known is ‘Play to Earn’, with which you earn cryptocurrencies by playing Netherlands Phone Number games. This is already billions of dollars worldwide . But you can also earn cryptocurrency by walking. STEPN is a good example of this. By buying a pair of sneakers from STEPN (they are already worth $7500 per pair on marketplaces) and running, your Netherlands Phone Number activity is track in an app via GPS and you earn GST tokens.

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You can then use these tokens to buy new sneakers and exchange them for ‘fiat’ money such as euros. I myself am involved in a Netherlands Phone Number project with earning cryptocurrencies by partying in clubs : party to earn. Make your steps count and cash ! 3. More and more adoption Both large companies and governments are developing their own Netherlands Phone Number digital currency or implementing an existing one in all kinds of ways. Writing off Meta ‘s Libra project hasn’t stopped the Telegram chat app from introducing its Netherlands Phone Number own TON coin . This coin can be used by users within the app without transaction costs.

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