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For the past 49 years, Pride has been a time for those who feel excluded from mainstream culture to become part of a community that embraces and celebrates their full existence. Pride uniquely spans cultures, sizes, races, abilities and languages, unapologetically shouting “You belong here – be with us!” Many people who know Pride often don’t know its history. Pride’s business strategy is similar to what’s happening with the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmed Arbery. Companies scrambled to show their support for Black Lives Matter to avoid being publicly called out for their silence.

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Unsurprisingly, some of them have historically remained neutral in the fight for racial equality and justice. Or held Benin Phone Number List questionable business practices toward black people. However, now that the movement has grown in popularity and support. These companies have taken to quickly releasing images or statements to show their solidarity Benin Phone Number List with the Black Lives Matter movement. Like Pride, the insincere laundering of their corporate image fails to promote equity for blacks in everyday life.

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These types of marketing tactics, while often well-intentioned, fail to support the movement’s long-term vision. It is critical, especially now, that marketers cannot do business as usual. Instead of Benin, Phone Number List splashing a rainbow on your June offerings, what about using Pride season to deeply reflect on your company’s relationship to the movement?  As a result, Benin Phone Number List we are witnessing brands transforming their marketing strategies to fit the cultural movement.


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