An obvious example is the use of images

But in the case of news gathering, freedom of the press often takes precedence over privacy. Also read: What music can you use for social media content? Editorial vs. commercial use Different rules apply for each type of application. Before you start publishing or producing an image, it is important to determine whether you want to use a photo commercially or editorially. How you want to use the photo largely determines.

But there are also examples

A photo that is used editorially is in a context that is related to current events or. That primarily wants to inform.  You mainly want to inform and explain. For editorial use, think of an Jamaica B2B List article in a newspaper or magazine, a documentary or educational books. This is about sharing information. The article you are reading now also falls under editorial use. How you want to use the photo largely determines what you are allowed to do with the photo.

For example, if a municipality

In many cases, news gathering above individual interest In editorial use. Because in many cases the importance of news gathering takes. Precedence over individual interests. Still, it is good to ask yourself: is it really necessary to convey my message to this person in a recognizable way? Be extra alert to showing minors on screen. Although there are no clear regulations, it is becoming less and less desirable to portray children in a recognizable way.

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