An example of provoking

The unconscious does, and you tap that source if you give it rest. How nice is it when you have the opportunity in your work to let your thoughts mature in your brain? By alternating routine tasks with the more difficult tasks, you already create a moment for your brain to allow those new ideas to mature. Provided you think about it consciously first. Use your brain wisely.

We often say ‘you have to think

That also means that you don’t have to respond quickly to everything. Especially in this day and age it is tempting to always respond quickly to an email. Do not! An idea needs Egypt WhatsApp Number List time to mature and sometimes an answer to an email does too. Spending the night on it takes the edge off your comment. Work evaluation To know how your employees present and your customers react, you have to observe.

Work content

De Boe wants us to stop comparing employees, because it causes not only frustration but also envy. Look at output, not input. The obligatory homeworking has also exposed this well: the output. Not only managers have to observe, employees are also challenged to go mystery shopping at, for example, the competitor or simply at your own company.

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