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The Dopper bottles: handy and refillable, in all kinds of colours. When you hear the creator and owner of Dopper talking, it seems like his team isn’t out to sell these bottles at all. In fact, Merijn Everaarts is not even talking about a company or product. In his description, Dopper is an initiative. The aim is to set people in motion in the fight against plastic waste. The bottles serve to generate income to achieve this goal. Especially by organizing events that attract (media) attention. Purpose pur sang.

And on the commercial or financial side

This has been successful for 10 years. Merijn Everaarts – creator and owner Dopper – Purpose Merijn Everaats, inventor of the Dopper, and his 50 employees are now fighting plastic disposable bottles. If you pursue a good cause, you can of course also choose to set up a foundation and South Africa WhatsApp Number List look for grants or sponsors. At Dopper they have taken a different approach. They look for partnerships to enable people to actually take a meaningful step. Partnerships with different companies are increasing the impact.

Shouldn’t there really be money

For example, buyers of an electric BMW received personalized Dopper with their car for a while – instead of the traditional bunch of flowers. We don’t necessarily want to sell more Dopper bottles. We are concerned with awareness and movement in the fight against plastic waste. A campaign is currently underway with Rabobank in Belgium. A giant Dopper is placed on a busy square. The message here is: if you don’t use disposable bottles, you save the environment and money.

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