An ABC culture

Or at least they have the feeling and resources to deal with that pressure. Does the grass stay green for a long time? Extra days off or a bonus get used quickly, and who knows, maybe the neighbors have an even higher bonus. Then you run the risk that you are still dissatisfied. Extras that make you appreciated and that you do meaningful work together with others, where you need your talents, is valuable every day.

The pyramid of happiness at work

In short, with the ‘Happiness at work handbook’ you can increase your knowledge of happiness at work in organizations. But there are also many starting points in the book to map the phenomenon. In addition, the book gives you concrete projects to improve aspects that influence USA Business Fax List happiness at work. Although it contains the necessary cases, the descriptions are quite factual and investigative.

Different theories

Another tip: read the last chapter (“Paradoxs in the pursuit of happiness at work”) first. There are limits to the malleability of happiness and sometimes striving for it is the best way not to find it! Curious about this book? Simply order the Handbook at work ‘A practical toolbox for managers, HR professionals and coaches’ (2020) by Ad Bergsma, Onno Hamburger, Erwin Klappe via management book (aff.)

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