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In the past, providers of photo cameras were in charge of this. Think of brands such as Canon, Panasonic and Nikon. If you went on a long journey, you most likely bought a camera from one of these providers. But nowadays they also have to deal with a very important alternative: the smartphone. With their latest product releases.

the stage the market is in

providers such as Apple and Samsung are increasingly focusing on cameras with the latest functionalities and possibilities. For example, the IPhone 12 Pro Max has a sensor stabilizer for the most accurate photos and there is a new model for Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List the wide-angle lens camera. And another important advantage? Everything can be stored online and shared via socials, mail and WhatsApp.

Creating a new market category

In this step, the providers of photo cameras must therefore clearly identify which features make their product better and more unique than – among other things – the camera of the smartphone and the direct competition. More megapixels? Better zoom functions? It is important to formulate what these characteristics make possible for the target group (benefit) and what goal they can achieve with this (value).

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