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Finally, the higher level peculiarities come from the lower level ones, to offer a hierarchical representation. Investments in computer vision recorded the greatest increase, + 41% according to the Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano. This segment of the artificial intelligence market accounts for 11% of investments. Such as video surveillance in public places or the control of a production line. The interpretation of natural language (Natural Language Processing), on the other hand, in Italy is worth 17.5% of the market and has made a leap forward by 24%.

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But chatbot and virtual assistant applications (+ 34%) and intelligent data processing (+ 32%) are also growing. Are also generated to enable deep learning, precisely to make up for these gaps. Demonstrating Iceland Phone Number List how hungry for data deep learning is. Therefore, to allow the automation of robots in smart manufacturing or to provide assistance driving. A car, deep learning requires visual data (such as images and videos), suitably accompanied by precise and timely annotations.

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To an algorithm capable of interacting effectively with the surrounding environment.  The SDG Group initiative allows former employees to collaborate, share and access content and events. Objective: to give new life to career and personal growth, beyond the borders of the company. The initiative aims to involve the high profiles of the sector, to inspire them and connect them. The aim is to offer them new opportunities and tools, fostering innovation in companies and in the sectors of competence.

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