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Rather than striving for meaningful, perceived differentiation, marketers should seek meaningless distinctiveness. Branding lasts, differentiation doesn’t. So focus on magnifying your individuality. Because by definition you are already unique. You can do this based on the idea that the character of the brand, just like with people, subconsciously makes the difference.

Content with a hygiene factor

Strong brands have character. And character is in us. The brand already has it in them. We just need to become more of what we already are. Showing Argentina WhatsApp Number List more character, we really do justice to our uniqueness. Credible Wanting to be credible is like applying a coating – a concealing layer. Go for authentic. For real. You shouldn’t want to be. You just have to be. In the first place, it is crucial for a brand to evoke an unambiguous expectation.

Although the number of marketing
Although the number of marketing

We want to post on LinkedIn four times a week

That way people know where they stand. This importance stems from evolution. We would never have survived that by constantly looking for risk and change. Our unconscious brain is actually driven by consistency, born of a desire for safety. That is very deeply ingrained. What is important for an unambiguous expectation? Knowing which (positive) associations you aim for.

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