Alone does not work!

They really need to be approached directly. Also make a plan for this in which you agree. Who will handle this and how this will be handled for example. Calling at least 3 times and e-mailing 4 times. Bonus tip. Link your webinar process to your marketing automation. Package If you use marketing automation , this can often be linked to the webinar software.

What is a good lead?

The big advantage of this is that you can segment directly on the basis of the engagement (such as participation yes/no, session duration, active/inactive), chat data and the answers of polls. You create segments based on interest. You then use this data in your lead scoring and in the Advertising Agency Mailing List personalization of emails. So people who fall into different segments will also get different follow-up emails. If you have also linked your CRM to your automation, the circle is complete and you have 100% insight into the data and your ROI!


One of the biggest changes

A branded webinar: in direct contact with potential customers With a branded webinar you profile yourself as a thought leader and you are in direct contact with potential customers. If you provide a good story, we will arrange the technology, the campaign and participants from your target group. Would you also like to give a webinar in collaboration with Frankwatching? More information!

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