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Determine which prospect you are targeting, based on clear Afghanistan Phone Number List predefined criteria. Check whether you already have an entrance via your network. Invite your prospect with a personalized invitation. Don’t just focus on the decision maker, every person Afghanistan Phone Number List involved can provide valuable information about your prospect. After the connection is made: respond to messages from your prospect for a week. Send your prospect content via private message that you expect to be of added value to him or her. Continue to comment on his or her posts. After another week, share a second article via private message. Ask about the challenges your prospect is Again And Activity Is currently facing. Initiate a strategic solution and direct a personal meeting. Adjust the step-by-step plan after every successful or less successful social selling contact.

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Don’t miss these signals During a physical sales conversation, your Afghanistan Phone Number List conversation partner constantly sends out signals . For example by leaning forward or looking away. An experienced sales professional reads this behavior and responds to it. We are not yet trained to pick up on those signals on social media. For many, social selling only starts as soon as more Afghanistan Phone Number List information is specifically requested in the comments, or via a private message. That’s a missed opportunity. Because even less clear signals such as likes and among messages turn out to be very valuable indicators for social sellers. Respond smartly by asking if you can do something for them. Do this via a private message because your competitor may be reading along and you want to prevent them from running off with your valuable social lead .

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social selling, handshake between two people The way of gradualness Afghanistan Phone Number List Social selling is not a fast path to success. We all know social sellers who only want to link with you to make an offer right away. I personally immediately throw them out of my Afghanistan Phone Number List contact list. Social selling works best along the way of gradualism. For example, look up connections from the past, such as former colleagues or classmates. A good time to come into the picture with existing contacts is a change in work area. Anyone who starts with a new employer or takes on a new role will relatively often examine the existing supplier network. A friendly congratulation, followed by the question whether you can do something for your contact,

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