After this, several habits

Then you narrow it down until you finally arrive at the ideas that you realize. Do this together with your employees and spend some money on a good, independent facilitator. The work environment How can you permanently put innovation on your work agenda? Make creativity important! Support ideas and make time for them. Challenge employees, which increases engagement.

I don’t know about you

Give them confidence but also room for debate. Last but not least , let them take risks. And of course you can do all of this at home. Or if someone can’t handle it at Estonia WhatsApp Number List another ‘work’ place. The work organization Self-managing teams or an ad hoc team. Dare to set up your organization differently. The book is full of tips for thinking differently and creatively and dumping old habits and patterns.

This entails more responsibility

Think of abolishing time clocks (yes, they still exist), abolishing appraisal interviews (hallelujah), more focus through shorter working hours and the list gets longer, or rather the wheel. And, that wheel must keep turning, writes de Boe. Change happens by people and they just don’t like to be changed. They do change if they benefit from the transformation. – close the Boo. After reading the book, or actually while reading it,

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