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You learn to make decisions and improve your marketing based on. Measuring and providing insight into behavior. (target group data, relationship data and event data). Curious View the training In the battle to find more customers and make more. Profit, companies have defined new market segments that they. Believe deserve special attention. One of those segments seems to be the LGBT consumer.

segmentation will certainly not work

According to the marketing booklet, there are 6 conditions to make target group segmentation ‘feasible’. Does the LGBT consumer comply with this? In recent decades, the mass marketing techniques of the 1970s have evolved worldwide Bahrain B2B List towards (almost) one-to-one communications. Step by step, companies have changed the approach to their customers from one or two different ways, to a whole range of segments, methods and media.

A ‘standard’ target group

In the ‘neoliberal economic process’, successful audience segmentation requires. The following: Homogeneity within the segment (common needs: very practical to use ‘gay’ here). Heterogeneity between segments (different segments have different needs).  (communication) Target segment is large enough to be. Profitable It responds the same way to a market stimulus I have bolded a few lines in the article :

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