According to Cara, digital transformation

Netherlands from 2017-2020. In this position she was responsible for the marketing and overall strategy of Microsoft Netherlands. And in particular the digital transformation of companies made possible by innovations in the cloud. According to Cara, digital transformation is inevitable in this day and age. What else is involved? Cara: “Keep reminding yourself that it’s even more important to have compassion. Remember, it’s all about people.

Due to all technological developments

Communities and ecosystems come together on such a platform. For example, Women in Tech is a place where women can stimulate and empower each other, corona has brought us even more together here and ensured a greater reach.” An agile and digital mindset “There is Singapore WhatsApp Number List still inequality, a digital divide . Technology (tools and connectivity) can help solve that. Just like an agile and digital mindset. Look especially at what you previously did not think possible, with a positive outlook.

An organization with a dual mission

And we don’t know how long we’ll be in this situation, how many waves are coming? Do not create a new crisis yourself. We don’t allow this crisis to create yet another crisis. Want to know more about Women in Tech and Cara’s ideas about digital transformation? Watch the entire interview below. Watch the interviews with the other thought leaders here . Open Up Digitals is a series of video interviews with thought leaders from the world of digital transformation and the digital workplace.

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