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In practice, that amounts to a quarter of a million fewer PET bottles per year! We recently started the Wave campaign. This already ensures a quarter of a million fewer PET bottles per year! Shouldn’t there really be money to be made at Dopper? Do they really not want to sell as many bottles as possible? The creator, founder and owner is not too concerned about this:

Of course that generates Dopper

We are sincerely concerned with the purpose. We want to realize the mission of getting disposable water bottles Sweden WhatsApp Number List out of the world. That’s what we’re working towards, in 4-year Olympic waves. It is top sport but we are also top motivated. “And on the commercial or financial side, we know that the number of bankruptcies among companies with a strong purpose is 45% lower than among companies that operate without purpose.

If you pursue a good cause

So there is every reason to stick to it. Although it will still take a few Olympics before the goals are achieved. Business will remain successful as long as we are meaningful.” Content marketing & storytelling training: spread stories worth sharing Content and storytelling. These are terms that everyone is talking about these days. But what do they mean? What are the criteria of a good story,

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