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The ad was, of course, immediately condemned and social media was flooded with negative comments. Bloomingdales offered an apology but did not explain how or why this error of judgment occurred. Department store Bloomingdales is criticized on social media for inciting customers to rape The above is inappropriate copywriting and should never have been published. But unsuccessful texts aren’t always so rude.

Through all of the above mistakes

Sometimes they find themselves in a twilight zone: part of the target group can laugh about it, another part disapproves. An example of this is the advertisement used by the sportswear brand Reebok in Germany. The lyrics say: Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout . Reebok marketing Indian Business Fax List campaign about cheating Excuse me , Reebok? I can cheat on my girlfriend, as long as I do my sports exercises? Think about it: a careless choice of words can make your company hated. So think carefully about what words you use.

The lesson is clear:

Lesson 2. “Beautiful design is important, but it becomes worthless when it is not practical” In 2009, fruit juice brand Tropicana spent $35 million on a rebrand . Within a month of launching the new style, the brand lost 20% of its sales. This amounted to $20 million in lost revenue. Niklas Göke explains in his article on Medium that in retrospect it is easy to determine why the rebranding failed: Bad design choices, a messy, vague, esoteric theme, and – as always with this sort of thing – a complete disregard for common sense.

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