A very different kind of leadership

These are terms that on the one hand sound very boring and on the other hand also attract attention. Data and growth hacking . It is still quite vague for many entrepreneurs how they can apply this in their business. And especially how they can grow their business as a result. At the online conference of Emerce B2B Digital , growth hacking and recruiting relevant customer data in e-commerce were high on the list.

Focus on growth hacking & customer data

In this article I will therefore take you through the insights I gained during this online conference. The fastest companies win The most important thing that emerged in one of the Pakistan WhatsApp Number List presentations is that the fastest companies win . Growth hacking is about working quickly, innovating a lot and, above all, experimenting a lot. You will have to put aside your own perfectionism if you want to be successful in growth hacking.

A very different kind of leadership
A very different kind of leadership

These are terms that on

To start with growth hacking you need a goal. You should have ideas around the subject you want to improve. This often has to do with the user experience. During the event, a case was discussed about a lease company and the Tesla brand. Initially, the lease company had a page where you could request a quote, and you were called in response to this quote. During that first conversation, many standard questions were asked and the whole process took about two months before someone actually became a customer.

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