A scratch in an expensive rental car

Better attuned to the individual wishes of the visitor and in the field of technology, completely up to date. Also read: Online events are now relevant and future-proof: this is how you organize them The legal framework of your event It is not fun to think about, but it is very useful for when it is unexpectedly needed. The legal frameworks. Corona has made that painfully clear to many event organizers.

It is not fun to think about

When I went through a major TED event with a lawyer for corona. It turned out that we were not covered legally or insurance-technically in many areas. From general terms and conditions for visitors, to contracts with suppliers and liabilities of employees and speakers. Unfortunately, that only became clear afterwards. A scratch in an expensive Luxembourg Phone Number List rental car, a participant who had a cardiac arrest, a valuable piece of technology worth 30,000 euros that accidentally fell to the ground by a volunteer… An accident happens in a small corner.

The legal framework of your event

Do you not have a buffer as an organization? Then you go wet. Corona will not suddenly be eradicated once everyone has received a vaccination. According to hundreds of virologists in the scientific journal Nature, the current pandemic is endemic: it will be with us for years to come. No longer in such a dangerous, socially disruptive form, but still present among the people. Carnival was the super spreader in the Netherlands , according to the Leiden University Medical Center .

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