A digital newsroom

Now that contact between colleagues has diminished due to the intelligent lockdown and working from home, it is for many organizations ‘all hands on deck’ to keep employees connected. But how do you do that? There is no chat at the coffee machine for the time being, but news, developments, rumors and gossip are the lubricant to keep work fun. As with many challenges today, the solution can be found in digital tools.

Get started

For example, build a newsroom or a social intranet from which you bring all communication and marketing activities together. That way you can provide daily updates for Israel WhatsApp Number List your employees. Wherever they hang out. How do you set up a good newsroom? You can use the steps below for that. 1. Examine your internal communication What kind of organization are you?

Which resources do

Is a lot of information generally shared? Is the company vision right in your mind? Do you have people who have enough creativity to keep up a news stream for more than, say, two weeks? This phase is the time to review your internal communication and determine very honestly what and how you want to communicate. And what frequency is needed to keep people connected.

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