6x inspiration for augmented reality in e-commerce

You can view the design from different angles, compare different floors, share creations and even place an order. ar designflooring 2. Specsavers has a fitting room to try on glasses You can try on virtual glasses via the Specsavers website and application. You take a seat in the virtual fitting room and look for the right glasses. The first step is to scan your face. You can then browse through the range of glasses.

Nike goes one step further

If you have chosen one or more, you can project them on your own face. Do you want to try on and compare multiple glasses? No problem! The color of the frame and lenses Saint Lucia B2B List can also be adjusted. If you’ve found something you like, you can simply add it to the shopping cart and checkout. This virtual fitting room enhances the shopping experience while making the purchase an easy part of the process.

shoes from the couch

Coolblue will place your new television in the living room Coolblue has an augmented reality function in its app that allows you to try out televisions in a living room, for example on a piece of furniture or on the wall. This application first lets you scan the living room, such as the viewing distance to the place where the TV should be and the furniture that is already there.

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