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It is also discussed: Bridging the gap between analytics and the use of data in customer interactions. Your customer’s DNA: the combination of static characteristics and dynamic behavior The options for extracting maximum value from customer data for your organization To knowledge base Are you ready for May 25th? On that day, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) or GDPR will come into effect.

This white paper presents

Is there still room for organizing an event among all the online violence? The answer is: yes! Discover in this whitepaper why organizing an (offline) event in Business Development Directors Email Lists this digital age is a good idea, why nothing can beat the live moment and how, with the right mood, you can turn your event into an unforgettable event. to make. Are you also curious about what politicians evoke in us and what consequences this has for our voting behaviour?

Is personal brand power

This white paper presents the results of a unique election survey from a brand perspective. Is personal brand power a better predictor than opinions? There is a suspicion that the media has a major influence on our voting behaviour. A well-known brand gets more customers than an unknown brand. A ‘strong’ politician would then logically get more votes. CG Selections and 37ºCelsius joined forces and report on the general findings and 10 surveyed politicians and their parties. Are we really that easy to seduce? Images courtesy of 123RF.

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